Management for both publication media and product information


KAMI-WAZA is an ideal solution for you, if you currently face difficulties in managing a large number of products and variations in the production contents for every retail branch locations without database or appropriate management system. KAMI-WAZA can manage data for individual items, detailed information, and variations/versions of production contents tailored for different locations.

Easy management of your media information

1)Data can be imported from your Excel sheet.

Data can be imported from Excel sheet all at once or can be typed in and edited separately.

2)Index can be designed by user.

You can freely design index of your database. Complex data structure can be organized in the way that you want and they can be managed according to your use and/or needs.

3)Pictures and figures can be stored.

Since the database for KAMI-WAZA can also store pictures and figures, you can manage all the data for publishing from one location.

Easy management of variations in production contents

1)Ease of creating different variations/versions of the original publication

"Replace function" allows user to replace selected contents of a previously created production contents(publication) with an updated content to create a new version of the original. You can create and manage multiple patterns of the base publication, by retail location or special sales items.

2)Reuse previously created production contents

The system can display previously created publication in a thumbnail-size image. You can easily browse and pick-up the data to be reused.

3)Master registry function for even easier management

Product information is automatically registered on the Master at the time of production, so all of the data that was used can be called back to be used in future productions.

4)Automated association of images

If the filename of the product image is associated with a product, the images will automatically be associated with all future uses of the registered product information. You can also upload multiple images at once.

Easy management of your stored data.

KAMI-WAZA will help you efficiently manage merchandise information and variations of production contents.

operation Without KAMI-WAZA With KAMI-WAZA

Data is managed individually

The number of files to manage is enormous and it takes time to just locate the right item for the new project. There is also a risk of loosing files.

Central management of all data

Text, image, and all other data can be managed for all items. You can easily keep track of your data. By customizing the index of the database to suit your operational needs, managing data becomes even easier.


Amount of data grows fast as variations are created, making your work even harder.

Different variation must be created for each store location and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of different files. Your workload grows exponentially.

Easy management of variations of production contents

KAMI-WAZA provides a way to centrally manage all your production data. You can easily find and compare past data by using the List function.

WAZA series will let you create and manage contents for web or regular publishing

Data stored and managed in KAMI-WAZA, automated page layout handled by KUMI-WAZA, and web publishing provided by MISE-WAZA. Use all three of them for the best result.