Reduce your stress associated with publication content design in three steps


Automation of page layout saves time. Proofreading support function reduce errors. Revision management function reduce workload. KUMI-WAZA was developed based on the needs of media content designers.

Not only for creating flyers, KUMI-WAZA can also be used for creating DM, catalogs, menu, and many other media production. Designers can concentrate on designing

Not only production efficiency, but operating cost can be reduced by enhanced accuracy!

Are you having a hard time checking texts and images while creating layouts? KUMI-WAZA will support your proofreading while providing automation of page layouts. KUMI-WAZA will save time, manpower, and the cost of operating errors!

1)Easy data import

Importing data is easily done even if you have multiple data for corrections. It will become even easier if you use KAMI-WAZA in combination!

2)Automated page layout improves production efficiency

Text and images can be automatically incorporated with just one click. Use of XML data format allows you the flexibility of handling complex data.

3)Free layout

The software was developed based on designers input to reduce the workload and stress of layout work, while maintaining a high degree of freedom for design work.

4)Automated layout for images

A single set of text data can link to multiple images. Just choose and click the version of image that you need.

5)Visible proofreading

Highlighting of differences in the text data and creating an index of differences will help your proofreading work.

6)Web publishing made easy

MISE-WAZA will let you publish your contents made by KUMI-WAZA directly on the web.

Production process can be dramatically different!!

operation Without KUMI-WAZA With KUMI-WAZA
Image layout

Manual layout work

You need to manually enter the text, including price and other information or use copy and paste process from another information source document. It is hard to find the right information and the chance of having errors increase quickly with more products and more store locations.

Automated layout for images and text!

Text and images can be automatically imported from source data and laid-out by just clicking on the panel. KAMI-WAZA will facilitate preparing and editing text data.

Image switching

Find the needed image and manually place it in the layout.

Placement of every single image is a very labor intensive process that takes very long. You need to organize the images to use before even starting the design process.

Just choose the image you need on the panel

An item can be linked to multiple images, just choose and click on the image to place.


No checking function, resulting in more errors

Manual comparison of the output to the original text is very labor intensive and there is always a chance of missing errors or leaving information out.

Find out the altered data in one glance

Altered data is displayed in blue. The summary of differences can be exported as an Excel sheet.

WAZA series for easy management of text and all related work, all the way to web publishing

Use KAMI-WAZA to manage text and image data for your production contents. The contents can be easily published on the web using MISE-WAZA. Use them together for the best result!

System Requirement:

Mac OS X v10.4.8 and higher
Microsoft® Windows® XP(Service Pack 2)
Adobe® Illustrator® CS3 / CS4
Adobe® InDesign® CS3 / CS4
Java J2SE 5.0 and higher
QuickTime 7.2.1 and higher
* Needs to be installed on PC
* OS requirement depends on the version of the Adobe® Illustrator® / InDesign®. Other system configuration depends on the needs of each application software.
※Adobe Illustrator, InDesign are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.