Publish your production contents on the web!

Flyers, catalogs, booklets, and any paper-based publications can be published on the web by using MISE-WAZA.
You can now launch Cross-media marketing campaign efficiently and quickly, with miminum effort.

Use the solution to meet your particular marketing campaign needs

  • Catalogs: Creation to publishing of WEB flyers and WEB catalogs
  • Insurance Brochures: Presentation of insurance products, clarification of T&C and premium estimation during sales calls
  • Travel Agency brochures: Introducing travel plans and showing video footages of tourist sites
  • Real Estate Guides: Presentation of property, virtual previews with still and video images.

For example, effective sales presentation can be created based on the know-how of sales experts for field use by new sales representatives. Interactive product manual can also be created to present overview information, as well as respond to detailed inquiries.

Easy setup for quick web publishing

Boundary selection function defines the relationship between the displayed product item information text and the boundary area selected with a mouse click. Clicking the displayed product item will show the product detail page. "My Cart" and external system linkage functions are also provided to enable Web shopping and other e-commerce activities.

1)Easy data import and configuration

Paper media jpg and pdf data can also be imported. Easy click operation allows for contents creation without any technical knowledge.

2)Supports multiple pages and video

Pages of the presentation can be scrolled by fingertip like a book. You can set the published contents to play commercial and promotional videos.

3)Possible use of existing system

MISE-WAZA can be linked to your existing external systems such as EC or inventory. We can also support designing and implementing systems to meet your specific requirements.

4)WAZA series can all work together

By linking the WAZA series of products, your process will be streamlined dramatically. Much of the development work for Web media publishing can be automated using WAZA series.

Link to your existing system

MISE-WAZA can be linked to your existing external systems such as EC, inventory, and reservation systems. In addition to sales promotion use, MISE-WAZA can be utilized to develop web media for a wide variety of Web based applications.

Easy management for text and web publishing

Use KAMI-WAZA to manage text and image data for your production contents. Use KUMI-WAZA for production of contents. The contents can be easily published on the web using MISE-WAZA. Use them together for best results!