Efficient catalog production in three steps


1. Page management

Manages multiple catalogs using database. Reduces workload and stress of managing data.

2. Data management

Centrally manage all pertinent data (images, price, specifications, etc.) for easy browsing and modifications.

3. User management

Users can be managed by division or group. Function to manage individual user authority is also available. Better information management reduces human errors.

Useful feature/functions specialized for catalog production

1)Easy data import

Easy-to use interface for smooth data import. Excel data can be imported with just one click!

2)Item name can be defined by user

Item names such as product name, price, material, weight, etc.. can be defined by user depending on the type of catalog for smart management of data.

3)Pictures and figures can be registered

TOJI-WAZA database can register and store images and figures as well. Batch upload of images is also possible.

4)Easy-to use page management

Product information data can be summarized and displayed for each page or side-by-side opened pages for easy browsing and identification of product data location.

5) Create a draft of catalog content

TOJI-WAZA can also create a draft of catalog's content. You can move, delete, add page and edit contents by page.

6) Information protection by managing each user's authorization level.

User authority management functions protect access to critical information such as a list of suppliers or cost information.

Smart management of all your data for publishing


Production workload and the potential for confusion increases as the number of pages or involved individuals increase. Even a single correction or modification has the potential for creating a huge amount of review work.

Managing a very large volume of data needed for the entire catalog is very time-consuming and entails the danger of creating chaos . The confusion of the process can multiply, if the members use different approaches to managing data. For example, someone can accidentally change a wrong data while trying to make a correction. This type of human error is very hard to prevent.

Clear and easy! Data is managed in a single format!

A catalog can be managed in a unified way using a defined format. No more confusion that can result from many pages or multiple data processing staff! TOJI-WAZA centrally manages various data (product images, price, specifications, etc..) for smooth browsing, product swaps and partial corrections.

Waza Series enhance your production efficiencies and reduce your stress level.